The plan for a series of exhibitions exploring the astonishing story of the apple began as the seed of an idea in 2017. It has since flourished through the generosity of many individuals and institutions around the world who have shared their knowledge, expertise, resources, contacts, and collections.

The exhibition programme is managed by a board representing the three UK delivery organisations: the Brightspace Foundation; the Museum of Cider; and the National Trust in Herefordshire. The programme’s exhibition curator has helped shape the approach during changing times and informed cultural content for Apples & People.

The exhibition funders were extremely accommodating as plans changed during 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, switching in the short term from the intended physical exhibitions to the Apples & People digital programme.

The exhibition programme benefits from a network of some of the world’s leading apple historians and scientists, who sit on the international advisory panel. All have generously shared advice and information. Additionally, each of the Apple Stories acknowledge contributions from other enthusiasts around the world, as well as institutions who have provided data and images of art and artefacts from their collections.