Píng Guǒ Shì Jiè

Poem by Xincai Tan


Píng Guǒ Shì Jiè

by Xincai Tan

Belt of orchards, fragrant Road.

Pure waters in spring sunshine,

heavenly mountains breathing

jewels of joy, apples infatuate the entire world.

Píng Guǒ Shì Jiè

Poem by Xincai Tan read by Angela Huang in Mandarin.

This poem, written by Xincai Tan for Apples & People, is a jueju, a form of verse that became popular in the Tang dynasty of the seventh century AD. A jueju is always structured as matched-pair couplets, with each line in this case consisting of seven syllables in Mandarin.


Píng Guǒ Shì Jiè tells of the domestic apple originating in the Tian Shan, the Heavenly Mountains on China’s western border, and spreading around the world from east to west. A belt of apple orchards grew alongside the Silk Road and beyond, as the people of successive empires took the apple to heart. In a modern reference, the poem alludes to the Chinese Government’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, a programme of infrastructure development and cooperation.

Píng Guǒ Shì Jiè is Apple World in the Pinyin phonetic Mandarin Chinese language.


Chinese Ambassador Zheng Zeguang

Published in recognition of the appointment of Zheng Zeguang as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of The People’s Republic of China to the United Kingdom, Píng Guǒ Shì Jiè celebrates the cultural connection between the two countries and their shared prominence in the apple’s story.


Xincai Tan is part of the Chinese community in Manchester, UK. Angela Huang is a member of Birmingham’s Chinese community and director of Chinese marketing company Hello!UK .