Displays on Journal of Apples Page

How students at world-renowned Central St Martins art and design college have been inspired to develop new work in response to stories featured on Apples & People.

Kashmiri Apples – A Weapon of Resistance – they may have become the main embodiment of this restive territory’s economic and political identity.

Artist/Art Teacher Roselyne Corblin and Visual Artist/Artist-Botanist Pascal Levaillant describe how they have made a Herbarium

In London, on Thanksgiving Day 1962, New Zealand-born artist Barrie Bates changed his name to Billy Apple®, a name that forty five years later became a registered trademark.

A poem by George Venn, who meditates on the full cycle of the apple’s experience of natural process.

From temperate to tropical, exotic to every day by Priya Mani, who explains the fascinating history of the apple in Indian cookery.

M.Legrand – Incubator and Creator of the Michelin by Pascal Levaillant and Marie-Thérèse Mériot – the apple history of Yvetot, home of the Legrand family.

Alison Turnbull created ATX 2012 Apple Varieties in 2012 for the exhibition ‘With an Apple I will Astonish’. It’s a systematic representation of the apple world through language brought to life via an apple colour chart.

Anne Rook is a French artist residing in London. She works in a number of different media including drawing, animation, installation and sculpture.

German artist Brigitte Hofherr is both a painter and as a botanical artist, Brigitte is self-taught.